• Weight loss

  • Muscle gain

  • Fat loss

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Sports specific

  • Lifestyle

  • Rehabilitation

  • Endurance training

  • Competition / Event training

    I will write a personalised program specific to your needs and goals and help you to execute this program to achieve the desired physiological changes.

    I will motivate you, keep you focused and show you how to train with the right technique and correct form. In addition to this, I can also design programs for you to complete while away on business trips and holidays when equipment can sometimes be limited.

My clients include:

  • Endurance athletes
  • Triathletes; sprint to ironman distance
  • Runners; 5km to ultra distance
  • Cyclists
  • Swimmers; learners, Masters competitors, Open-water competitors
  • Individuals wanting rehabilitation from injury or accidents
  • Individuals wanting to lose weight and tone up
  • Office workings wanting to improve their general health and well being
  • Individuals wanting to make aesthetic changes for events such as weddings
  • Individuals wishing to remain fit during and post pregnancy
  • If you fall into any of these categories or have a specific goal in mind, I can help effect the changes you wish to make. 


The process you can expect:

One: Discuss

We will have an initial consultation to discuss what you would like to achieve, where you might like to train and the frequency of training sessions you can commit to. It is also helpful for me at this point to understand what else I can offer to help you achieve your goals. Ideally we would meet in person to discuss your requirements or alternatively, we can discuss this over the phone pending your schedule.

Two: Assessment

I will complete an analysis and assessment by observing your mobility / range of movement and review any past / current injuries or imbalances you may have. I will then guide you through details on how I will assist you in achieving your fitness targets.

Three: Nutrition

I will ask you to log a daily food and drink diary so that we can discuss your diet and nutrition. This will enable me to make recommendations on appropriate and sustainable changes in order for you to achieve your goals in a timely manner.

Four: Training

In general, I recommend three training sessions per week, however frequency will be dependent on your individual goals. Training twice a week is better than none however this will inevitably extend the time in which it takes to achieve your goals. Training four or five times a week can really allow for fast and optimal changes to your physique.

Five: Reaching your goals

I will review your nutrition every two weeks and make any necessary changes as you progress. Your training will also vary so that you are constantly adapting to new demands. As one goal is reached, naturally this inspires you to challenge yourself further. I will be there monitoring your performance and making appropriate changes. It is important to set yourself regular and achievable goals in order to plot your progress and help to keep you motivated.

Train at your gym*, local park or at your home.

(*where external Trainers are permitted)




£70-100 per hour


£600-£900 per block of 10 sessions


      £750 per block of 10 sessions  

(*membership required)

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A corporate gym and treatment room can be beneficial to the overall health and well being of your employees. In turn, the company will also reap the benefits of healthier employees with great overall output, productivity and motivation.

Gym Space:

I can provide you with a great training facility at work utilising the available space and layout with the greatest efficiency to incorporate all the essential pieces of equipment for a functional gym. I can also set up and manage the facility and provide either one-on-one, or small group Personal Training sessions for optimal results.

Treatment Room:

A treatment room would also be a benefit to both your company and employees. Sitting for extended periods of time, stress and poor posture can have a negative impact on the productivity of your employees. Massage and MAT can reduce stress, tension headaches, general poor posture and upper / lower back pain. A treatment room is easy and economical to set up and will be advantageous to all.

Statistics have shown that by providing exercise and massage services in the workplace, employee productivity and output dramatically increases. Morale within the team is boosted and happier, motivated staff mean work induced stress and aggressive behaviours are minimised. Additionally employee turnover, occasions of sickness and absences from the workplace are also reduced. I can set up and manage the facility offering a range of services from shorter in-chair massage treatments through to longer bookable appointments at your workplace.

Contact me if you would like to discuss the set up of a training facility/gym and/or a treatment room within your organisation.