Endurance Events

Being physically and mentally well prepared for an endurance event will ensure you are ready to compete with confidence.  Endurance races will require you to forward plan your training, make appropriate nutritional changes to your diet and remain injury free - all of which I can help you to achieve.


I will assess your biomechanics and running technique to help optimise your running style and ask you to complete a fitness test.  I will ensure you are prepared for a 5km run, up to a half marathon or a full marathon.  It is important to maintain strength that will enhance your endurance and it is equally important not to overtrain.


I will review your bike and ensure it is set up properly for you.  We will do a FTP test to determine your training zones.  Based on your needs, I will compose a program to ensure that it fits to your time schedule.  I will track your progress regularly and identify how we can improve your FTP.


I will assess your biomechanics and swimming technique to help optimise your swimming efficiency.  I can help you gain confidence in the water if you are a beginner and together we will work on your technique.  I will prepare you for any swimming event or race whether you are competing in a pool, river or ocean.  By incorporating resistance training, this will enhance your strength and endurance.


Triathlon is a dynamic sport requiring careful planning, a lot of hard work and determination.  I will assess your technique across all three disciplines.  Following on from this analysis,  I will design and program that suits your schedule.  I will monitor your progress to ensure you avoid overtraining.  I will also make your training recovery times a top priority.