Food and drink form part of our social gatherings at parties, at work, during meetings and at conventions. We invite friends over for lunches, dinner parties and on the weekends for barbecues. We also go out and socialise in restaurants and bars.

Food and drink is therefore around us at all times. Making well informed choices and exercising portion control will have a positive impact on our health and well being.

Of course there are psychological reasons for consuming excess amounts of food and over-indulging in treats. Food used as a comfort or a reward can have adverse effects on our health and it is important to recognise these traits in order to progress to a healthier lifestyle. Remember; small changes will lead to big results.

I would ask you to complete an honest and accurate daily food diary on everything you consume.

I would then review your food diary with you and make recommendations on any required changes to your nutritional intake to help you achieve your goals and make improvements to your overall health.